Reusable Packaging Innovator Tosca Acquires Polymer Logistics

Tosca, a leading innovator in reusable packaging and supply chain solutions in the U.S., today declared that it is acquiring Polymer Logistics, an innovative firm specializing in reusable transport packaging and retail merchandising systems in the U.S. and Europe, from a consortium of private investors.

Tosca has a 60-year history of innovation that has pushed its development into a leading North American supplier of reusable packaging and supply chain solutions throughout a wide range of markets. Today the corporate employs over 950 people and operates 14 service facilities throughout the U.S., working with the nation’s largest and most influential grocery stores and suppliers to provide solutions for shipping perishables, lowering shrink and driving supply chain performance.

Incorporated in 1994, Polymer is a frontrunner in retail-ready packaging systems and technologies. The corporate provides reusable containers and other packaging and associated services to grocery end markets, in addition to retail, logistics, and consumer goods buyers. Its production operations are based in Israel, and the company operates across the U.S., the U.K., and Continental Europe.

The acquisition of Polymer will expand Tosca’s geographic reach and strengthen its product portfolio.


Larry Thomas

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