Malaysia Carries Out Stringent Checking at Ports for Plastic Waste

More severe checks will be performed on containers in any respect port to ensure no prohibited plastic waste enters the country.

Customs director-general Datuk Paddy Abdul Halim stated they’re running with the National Solid Waste Management Division (NSWMD) and the Division of Setting to fight the smuggling of plastic waste into Malaysia.

“The Customs have joined a distinct group shaped by the federal government, which perspectives significantly the dumping of banned plastic waste in the country, to battle the unlawful actions,” he informed Bernama.

The plastic waste problem came into light when media said that loads of containers in Port Klang had been discovered to contain illegal waste carried into the country in 10 operations performed by the government.

Power & Energy, Science, Technology, Atmosphere, and the climate crisis Minister Yeo Bee Yin mentioned 60 containers of plastic waste carried inside the nation illegally on May 28, would be dispatched again to their international locations of origin.

She stated 10 out of the 60 containers weighing 450 metric tonnes were plastic waste from various nations such asChina, the United States, Australia, Japan, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom.

Malaysia is one of the nations that import recyclable plastic waste, and to this point, 62 firms had been issued authorized permits from the NSWMD to usher in and process plastic trash in the country.

However, strict prerequisites are imposed on the ones importing and processing the plastic waste, amongst them, importers must be having storage space and amenities to hold processing and recycling of the imported plastic trash.

In the meantime, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) showed having received a record at the alleged illegal operation of a plastic trash recycling plant in Jenjarom, Kuala Langat.

MACC Research Department director Datuk Seri Simi Abd Gani mentioned the document was received in 2018.


Larry Thomas

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