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Silicone Is Better Than Plastic When It Comes To Store Food

COVID-19 compelled you to work at home, self-isolate, and shelter in place. You’ve ready as a lot as doable and stocked up on meals provides. Now, to avoid wasting and lengthen the lifetime of these proteins, fruits, and veggies, you’ll be able to freeze them. Freezing will lower your expenses and scale back meals waste. Almost all vegetables, besides lettuce and cucumbers, could be frozen. You may even freeze darkish leafy greens and use them in a soup, quiche, or stir fry.

Silicone Is Better Than Plastic When It Comes To Store Food

However, don’t use plastic containers for meals storage. Try silicone storage bags as an alternative. We should use Stasher brand storage bags as a result of they’re sustainable different from single-use plastics. They’re plastic-free and BPA free. They usually’re produced from meals-secure pure platinum silicone, which is secure to cook with. Plastic releases chemical substances that leech into your meals when heated. However, silicone is warmth resistant, so Stasher silicone meals storage luggage can go straight from the freezer into boiling water.

Begin by rinsing your meals to organize it for freezer storage. Dry it utterly to keep away from crystals of water forming. Freezer burn is induced when oxygen is available in contact with frozen meals, so be sure to squeeze as a lot of air out of your silicone storage baggage as attainable. You’ll be able to even freeze recent herbs in olive oil, after which switch them to your silicone storage bag. Veggies might be saved as much as one 12 months within the freezer.

As a result of the silicone resists extraordinarily excessive temperatures, when you’re able to cook, you may take the silicone bags safely from the freezer to the microwave, oven, or into boiling water. And since silicone is endlessly reusable, each bag replaces 1000’s of single-use plastic luggage. So if only one individual replaces a single-use plastic bag with a reusable different as soon as a day, five days per week, they’d take away 260 single-use plastic baggage from coming into the waste stream yearly.

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