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Chemical Fire at New Jersey Industries, 2 Injured

The event occurred at the Diamond Chemical Company, a manufacturer of industrial cleaning products, prompting a response from fire, police and hazmat officials. At least one of the chemical compounds involved in the fire was chlorine, authorities said.

East Rutherford Fireplace Chief David Alberta said that two fires had damaged out in the facility, one caused by a chemical reaction and another caused by an overheated machine.

Alberta stated, “Everybody cleared out of the building, the machines were left on,” “We were trying to shut down the power as soon as doable, and sadly one other problem came about.”

Tom Longo, the officer of environmental health for Bergen County, said that the chemicals used in the building were water-reactive.” When they’re exposed to water they will create heat, that heat left unchecked precipitated the fibreboard containers to catch fire,” he said.

Rutherford police issued a shelter-in-place order as they investigated, but that later lifted as hazmat crews found regular air readings.

Bergen County Executive James Tedesco said that at least half a dozen hazmat responders arrived at the scene to monitor the air quality.

“The good news right here is there is no detection of anything volatile, and the air is clear and clean,” he said. “The reaction has stopped inside and very shortly, we hope to turn it over to the owners so they can bring in their firm and start the method of getting the facility back into operation.”

East Rutherford, which is about 20 kilometers west of Midtown Manhattan, has a population of about 8,900 people.

Diamond Chemical is a private company founded in 1930 that employs around 300 people. The New Jersey location sits on 12 acres and includes a 150,000-square-foot complex that houses its corporate offices, laboratories, and manufacturing, according to the company website.

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