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Air Force Shifted $66 Million To Cover Rising Chemical Clean-up Costs

New research from the Division of Defense displays the Air Force shifted over $66 million to cover the cleanup prices of harmful “forever chemical compounds” that have leached into the water supply.

Those funds were at first supposed to cover several different tasks like asbestos abatement, radiological cleanup, disposing of infected soil, repairing the protecting covering for a landfill and several projects to observe water for contaminants and pesticides.

The category of chemical substances, typically referred to as PFAS, has been broadly utilized by the army in firefighting foam. Often referred to as “forever chemical compounds” because of their persistence within the atmosphere, the military has now identified over 400 sites infected with PFAS. Cleansing it up is expected to cost the army $2 billion.

“Congress must ensure that the Division of Defense has the instruments had to address its millions of bucks in liabilities associated with the DOD-related PFAS illness in our groups. Otherwise, the DOD will stay robbing Peter to pay Paul by placing important projects on standby and stretching budgets to scrub up PFAS illness,” he stated in a release.

In DOD’s reaction, the company said the Military and Navy “were ready to address those rising requirements without shifting funds” not meant for PFAS cleanup.

Also, Thursday, the House Armed Services Committee licensed provisions within the safety coverage bill that may force the company to section out the use of firefighting foams with PFAS. A few senators have also pushed for the sort of move.

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